[kaffe] profiling in sparc

Srinivas Reddy srinivas_reddy_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 11 13:58:11 PDT 2002

	I'm Srinivas. I have been going thro the kaffe code
for about two months now.I have a problem, for which i
need help.
	As you all know, kaffe profiler works on linux
platform. But I guess i need to port it to
	Actually, I want to have a count on the number of
times a method, or a variable in a class is being read
from, and written to. Say, if i have two classes A and
B, each having methods C and D, and variables E and F,
then I want to print the statistics as follows:

 Class A
    Method C       'frequency'
    Method D       'frequency'
    Variable E     'frequency'
    Variable F     'frequency'

 Class B
    Method C       'frequency'
    Method D       'frequency'
    Variable E     'frequency'
    Variable F     'frequency'

where 'frequency' is the number of times they have
been accessed (read or written).

	Do I really have to port the profiler to sparc, or is
there any other method, by which i can get the above

	And if I have to port it....could you people help me
in doing so? 

Thanking you,

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