[kaffe] Re:Building kaffe-1.07 for powerpc

Mathieu Dube mdube at 8d.com
Fri Jul 12 10:28:11 PDT 2002

Well I did build it it compiled but now it doesnt work on the target it says:
Loading java/lang/Object.class
Couldn't find or load essential class `java/lang/Object' (null) (null)

when I start the vm probably coz of all those not kosher things I did

Here are the issues I had if that can help anybody:
-the test program in the main configure and in the libltdt/configure wont 
work obviously since the target is not the same as the computer youre 
compiling on
-I dont know why, but my guess is becoz of the compiler I have but the 
SIZEOF_... didnt work so I had to remove the #if and give jint, jlong the 
right values according to the values on the target
-config/md.h was #include "./i386/linux/md.h" instead of 
-I had to put #include "powerpc/sysdepCallMethod.h" in 
kaffe/kaffevm/support.c so that it would get the right assembly instructions

Hope that helps a bit


On Friday 12 July 2002 11:34, you wrote:
> Thanks Mat
> I didn't try it with the CVS version.I picked it up from
> /ftp/pub/kaffe/v1.0.x-production/kaffe-1.0.7.tar.gz
> I just passed to configure the following options:
> CC=powerpc-linux-gcc AS=powerpc-linux-as ./configure
> --prefix=/home/anj/KAFFE/ --target=powerpc-linux --with-ld=powerpc-linux-ld
> and I got those errors.I'm disappointed because trying to cbuild on
> i686/linux succeeds.It seems to have problems with cross-compiling.Did
> anyone already build kaffe-1.0.7 or 1.0.6 for powerpc?
> Thanks
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