[kaffe] MIPS Port Update

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Sun Jul 14 06:13:18 PDT 2002

From: "Dylan Schell" <dylans at xs4all.nl>
> Kevin D. Kissell wrote:
> > I haven't gone looking at the remaining regression test
> > failures on the Playstation 2, but I've made some progress
> > on the "normal" mipsel platform.  The bulk of the failures
> > I was seeing, which were providing misleading diagnostics,
> > turned out to be due to bogus SIGFPEs coming out of
> > the kernel floating point emulator, due to some downrev
> > trap-handler-to-math-emulator linkage code in my kernel.
> > That having been fixed, I still have 29 of 115 tests failing,
> > most but not all of which hve the same cause: an assert
> > of !intsDisabled() in kaffe/kaffevm/exception.c.  I'm trying
> > to trace that one down.  I suspect something has changed
> > in the signal handling of MIPS Linux 2.4.x versus the 2.2.x
> > on the PS2, but that's just a theory for the moment.  If any
> > of you have seen this error in other contexts, I'd appreciate
> > hearing about it.
> Is that using jthreads or pthreads? I seem to recall getting
> theses errors when building with pthreads on the PS2...

Are you sure it wasn't the other way around?  As near as
I can tell, it's only when kaffe is built with jthreads that it
is even possible to get that message, given the conditional
compilations.  Pthreads support for MIPS/Linux is pretty
clumsy (accessing thread-specific data is inefficient and
in some implementations broken), so I was hoping to
avoid depending on it.  But if you've seen that message,
but are seeing it no more, that gives me hope...


            Kevin K.

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