[kaffe] Request for Donation: New server/co-lo needed for Kaffe.org

Valentin Valchev v_valchev at prosyst.bg
Mon Jul 15 23:59:24 PDT 2002

Maybe kaffe will switch to SourceForge?
There are many developers used to work with SF - and maybe they will be more willing to help with kaffe it it's setup on SF.

By the way - don't you think that it woyld be easiest to maintain kaffe if it switch to GNU classpath?
Classpath is already 1.2 compatible and there are some features from 1.4 implemented.
Moving kaffe to classpath will force developers to focus on other more important issues like JIT optimizations, pluggable GC, more threads systems and ports to other OS/CPU.
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  This had been coming for a while, and has finally happened.  It looks
  like Transvirtual has finally run out of cash and is shutting down
  operations.  I spent the last two and half years working there (up until
  about a month ago), and it's very sad to see this day.  :-(

  But don't worry - Kaffe.org is an open-source project, and it will

  Transvirtual has been providing the machine for Kaffe.org, plus the
  bandwidth, and the Kaffe.org domain name.  I imagine that will go away
  in faily short order, as they have no more cash to pay the bills.

  So I'd like to solicit the donation of a machine and bandwidth on which
  I can move the site over to.  I'd prefer a dedicated machine, so we can
  run various daemons and databases, and hand out user accounts on it.  I
  have a full backup of the current site, so it shouldn't be too hard to
  transition it.

  I've asked Transvirtual if they'd be willing to transfer the kaffe.org
  domain name to the project.  Hopefully they won't have a problem with
  that.  If there is a problem, I've temporarily set up
  "kaffe.jimpick.com" to point to the server.


   - Jim

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