[kaffe] bytecode verifier

gonzo Robert.N.Gonzalez at williams.edu
Fri Jul 19 08:31:09 PDT 2002

hi everyone!

i'm working on a thesis in CS which involves adding backend support for
parametric polymorphism (and other type features) in an extension of java.
my predecessor has already made a nice compiler for this new extension
so i get to focus on the VM.  however, i need a VM with a full bytecode
verifier as that (and the reflection libraries) are the two things that
will need the most attention.

what this means for kaffe is that i would be willing to help add a
full bytecode verifier, and i definitely want to do so in a manner that
best benefits the project.

i spent a little time going through the code but, with only a first pass,
i cannot determine what state code-analyse.* and verfify.* are in (other
than missing stage 3 verification completely?). the website and the
mailing archives indicate that it is incomplete.  does anyone know what's
missing from them and, more importantly, how long it might take to
complete it?

i definitely agree with dalibor topic's suggestion that a plugin layer be
added for the verifier.  if the builtin verifier is a long way off from
being complete then it would be more worth my time to work on this plugin
layer and link to justIce or the one in libgcj (btw - is there a license
problem importing code into kaffe or linking to code from kaffe that
is licensed under the gcc gnu+exception license?)


ps - as far as moving the web site goes, i definitely like
savannah.gnu.org over sourceforge.  jim, if you want someone to help get
some legwork done moving the site somewhere, i have some extra time in the
next couple of weeks that i could devote to that.

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