[kaffe] compiling with -msoft-float

Valentin Valchev v_valchev at prosyst.bg
Thu Jul 25 11:10:56 PDT 2002

Maybe it's better to switch on fpu emulation in kernel, rather than using soft floating points of glibc.
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  Subject: [kaffe] compiling with -msoft-float

  Im trying to compile kaffe on powerpc with the CFLAGS -msoft-float

  When it arrives at support.c it gives me that:
  support.c: In function `sysdepCallMethod':
  support.c:1051: Internal compiler error:
  support.c:1051: internal error--insn does not satisfy its constraints:
  (insn 1006 1003 515 (set (reg/v:DF 40 f8)
          (mem:DF (plus:SI (reg:SI 31 r31)
                  (const_int 8 [0x8])) 0)) 441 {*movdf_softfloat32} (nil)

  Anybody ever compiled kaffe with software floating point operations?

  the embedded board I have doesnt have a FPU so I have to do it this way

  Mathieu Dube -- mdube at 8d.com
  8D Technologies Inc.

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