[kaffe] JIT stats?

Matt Newsome Matt at Newsome.com
Tue Jul 30 09:48:32 PDT 2002


Hoping some kind soul can help me out here:

Can anyone tell me if there's a way to get a summary of time Kaffe
1.0.7 (linux/x86 and ARM32) spent JIT-compiling during an application
run?  I can't find anything which tells me what -vmstats says (can
anyone enlighten me please?) so it's possible what I want is there.

Otherwise, if I sum the microsecond timings for method compilations
produced by -verbosejit, will I get the figure I'm after or is that
likely to be inaccurate?

Finally, does anyone know of any other Java compilers which can
generate these JIT stats (any platform, any JDK/JRE/JIT)?



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