[kaffe] verifier patch status

gonzo Robert.N.Gonzalez at williams.edu
Tue Jul 30 11:33:54 PDT 2002

i've finished porting the patch to 1.0.7 (see
http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2001-August/007391.html), and am
pretty sure i've done so correctly (most of the files that were patched
were nearly identical to those in 1.0.6).  however, it finds HelloWorld to
be a malicious program :-D.  so it's more incomplete than i had hoped (or 
i messed up somewhere in the patch update), though its inclusion would
make kaffe *very* secure ;)

i've been thinking about the JIT situation, and unless we're willing to  
pay the overhead of doing some data-flow analysis twice (the verifier and
codeinfo building methods are very similar, which is probably why they
were combined originally) then i'm not sure that the API will work out.
that is, the API would require that a verifier not only verifies code but
returns some information used by our JITs on the code.

so for now i'm going to concentrate on completing the verifier (passes 2
and 3) in the existing framework.  when it's done i'll have a better idea
of whether we can separate verification and codeinfo generation for the
JIT stuff (which would ideally allow us to plugin any verifier we wanted).


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