[kaffe] Kaffe CVS: kaffe jim

Kaffe CVS cvs-commits at kaffe.org
Sat Jun 1 19:24:03 PDT 2002

CVSROOT:	/cvs/kaffe
Module name:	kaffe
Changes by:	jim	02/06/01 19:24:03

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog Makefile.am Makefile.in 
	config         : config-std.h 
	include        : errors.h 
	kaffe/kaffevm  : gc.h sha-1.h 
	kaffe/scripts  : kaffe.in 

Log message:
* Makefile.am: Rename Kaffe to kaffe-bin

* config/config-std.h: On my cygwin setup, bad things happen if
winnt.h is included, so don't include it if windows.h is there.

* include/error.h, kaffe/kaffevm/gc.h: On my cygwin setup, I was
getting some link problems (even though the functions defined in
the header files are never used), so I put some #ifdef's around
the code that goes unused by kaffeh.

* kaffe/kaffevm/sha-1.h: I was getting an link problem with _lrotl
- I'm guessing that might be a MSVC thing, so I use the alternate
implmentation with __GNUC__.

* kaffe/scripts/kaffe.in: Some of the -ia32 bash string
replacements broke the script with the shell that comes with
cygwin.  I commented them out for now.

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