[kaffe] about javalib\java\awt\win32

zhaobr zhaobr at prient.com
Sun Jun 2 03:57:02 PDT 2002


I am not a native english speaker, so, if there
are miss spelled words or syntax errors in this
letter, just forgive me please. 

I am  planing to build the kaffe awt lib on the
base of minigui(http://www.minigui.org). The api
that minigui provides is somehow like that of the
windows, hence I feel I  should use the win32 part
java code of awt package, but I failed to build the
java byte code: 

In the win32/NativeGraphics.java, I can not find a
field named "link", but according to  the method
"linkGraphics" of  java/awt/Component.java, this
field seems to be a must. 

Here is the cod snippet from java/awt/Component.java
(there is no java.awt.Component of win32 version) 

/* all source code is from release 1.0.6 */ 

synchronized void  linkGraphics (  NativeGraphics g  ) { 


	//line 772 	
	if ( g.link == null ){
		li = new GraphicsLink( g);
		g.link = li;
	else {
		li = g.link;


I am confused now. 

Is win32 version of kaffe awt not  mature, or I
misunderstood the code /  source path layout? 

Thanks in advance, 


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