[kaffe] IA-64 status

Gwenole Beauchesne gbeauchesne at mandrakesoft.com
Sun Jun 2 14:11:29 PDT 2002


> You might get a more useful test failure if you compile with jikes.
> Then, ideally, one of the actual tests will fail (vs. compilation of
> the test) and that should help pinpoint the problem.

Guess what? I could manually compile ThreadState.java for example. That 
$JAVA at.dms.kjc.Main ThreadState.java

Then running it prints three "success" then segfaults.

- Interestingly another test that failed (internal error while 
compiling) was URLTest. Again, manually compiling it succeeds. Likewise 
for running it. That's with the "pthreads" implementation. I could 
manually compile many of those tests that failed to compile at make 

- Case of DoubleComp.java. Even manually compiling it fails with kjc 
(internal error, java/lang/NullPoinerException caught). However, 
compiling it with jikes succeeds. The test run succeeds too.


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