[kaffe] regression test: loading all kaffe's Klasses

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 2 17:33:44 PDT 2002


A couple of weeks ago[1] I proposed that somebody
writes a test program
that would load all classes in Klasses.jar in order to
check if they
load at all. Since noone stood up to the challenge, I
went ahead and
wrote it myself. ;)

The attached program loads all classes in all jar
files passed to it
via the command line.

What is it good for?
As another regression test. I'll check in a patch if
there are no
complaints. You can also use it as a rather simplistic
way to test if
some jar file may need classes that are not
implemented in kaffe yet.

Beware: it needs a lot of memory. To load all jars
included with
kaffe at once, it takes around 30M on linux i686,


dalibor topic

[1] After the jikes 1.15 vs Klasses.jar fight ;)

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