[kaffe] ase, Help Me...

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Jun 2 19:15:31 PDT 2002

Nice ...

Only subscribers can post to the list ... this spammer actually went and
subscribed.  Grrr.


 - Jim

On Sun, 2002-06-02 at 18:08, Anderson e Elenita Teixeira wrote:
> Please, Help Me...
>             I am Brazilian and I don't know anything about English, I am
> using a translating program to type that mail for you.
>             I received the little a mail on an American company that pays
> for you to navigate and to read its propagandas, here in Brazil, that is a
> little complicated, that company calls herself SFI, and soon I lower of that
> mail, it is an address if it is possible you to enter and please they
> contact me.
>             I don't want that seems a " SPAM ", because I am not sending
> that mail for everybody without knowing of anything, but for some addresses
> that I found navigating for some pages and other sites of selected groups.
>             Please if it is possible he/she would like to know that it works
> and if it is possible you to pass me in summary form as it works.
>             A list of the sites that I went cadastrado proceeds below!
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/FREE
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/HFB
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/YES
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/WYK
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/IEF
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/LD
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/FCS
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/NL
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/SCM
>  www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/SFIM
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/USMS
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/GD
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/DSL
> _________________________________________________
> Comecei por CURIOSIDADE... Hoje tem sido REALIDADE...
> Entre se cadastre e use um tradutor se não souber Inglês.
> Pode ter certeza que gostará de navegar ganhando DINHEIRO
> www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/NL <http://www.ezinfocenter.com/7319888/FCS>

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