[kaffe] precompiling Klasses.jar

Alexander Popov s_popov at prosyst.bg
Wed Jun 5 05:00:39 PDT 2002


When I try to recompile the java sources I get the following error:

[/software/jdk/KAFFE/CVS-current/libraries/javalib]# make Klasses
/bin/sh ./rebuildLib
Compiling classes ...
Classpath: -classpath 
javac: /software/jdk/KAFFE/CVS-current/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-bin -ms32M 
-mx1024M at.dms.kjc.Main

Could not initialize Kaffe.
Your rt.jar version is 101.00, but this VM was compiled with version 1.06

The current effective classpath is 

make: *** [lib/stamp] Error 255

This is the CVS from 05.06.2002 (today)...
Am I doing something wrong...

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