[kaffe] Familiar iPAQ/ARM Linux success + comments

Jukka Santala jsantala at tml.hut.fi
Wed Jun 5 05:05:42 PDT 2002

Using latest CVS code of the intended release branch, I managed to
cross-compile the desktop Kaffe for Familiar 0.5.2 release... Using the
standard toolchain for now.

Unfortunately Kaffe's build-scripts aren't very cross-compile considerate
right now, so this took mroe than little of testing and hacking. Most
notably libtool does its usual forced-lib-path annoyance. Configured with:

export PATH=/skiff-2.96/local/bin:/skiff-2.96/local/arm-linux/bin:$PATH
../kaffe/configure --with-x
--prefix=/usr/kaffe arm-linux

Then need to set up sys_lib_search_path_spec for libtool, or just edit
libtool to substitute the paths. It's perhaps also worth mentioning that
the default Handhelds.org toolchain can't anymore handle the binary format
in many newer ARM libraries, but this may not be a problem for dynamic
linking. In any case the toolchain eneds to be augmented with some
supplementary libs for jpeg, png, zlib etc. if somebody does try to
reproduce this. It builds with jit by default.

Finally, copying the whole resulting installation directory to iPAQ, and
running it on XSmiles slowly gets through the moves up and until after the
parsing, layout and display should be done (but display update hangs at
some point) and then breaks with:

[Debug] *** Fetcher thread exiting, time: 56.54 secs.
Dumping live threads:
`AWT-EventQueue-0' tid 0xd84010, status SUSPENDED flags DONTSTOP
 blocked at 0x1a91c8 (0xd84010->|)
`gc' tid 0x219010, status SUSPENDED flags DONTSTOP
 blocked at 0x208498 (0x219010->|)
`finaliser' tid 0x210010, status SUSPENDED flags DONTSTOP
 blocked at 0x208450 (0x210010->|)
Deadlock: all threads blocked on internal events

Going to be running the test-suite and otherwise trying to track that down
when I can, but thought I'd report that for the most part it seems to be
working for me. Cross-compiling should be made easier and more intuitive,
and port jit3 for ARM over from PL, though.

 -Jukka Santala

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