[kaffe] core dump in running a simple test program

Jerry Tang jt94063 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 5 15:12:34 PDT 2002

Hi there,

For Kaffe 1.0.6. I hit a core dump in running a simple test program. Stepped
it through GDB and it core dumped in initialize the VM.
The call stack looks like this:
#0  soft_fixup_trampoline (meth=0xafca4, where=0xafcb4) at soft.c:553
#1  0xef7629b8 in sparc_do_fixup_trampoline ()
#2  0xef756dd0 in callMethodA (meth=0xafca4, func=0xbc3e8, obj=0x0, args=0x0,
ret=0xefffeb00, promoted=1)
    at ../../config/sparc/sysdepCallMethod.h:125
#3  0xef733660 in processClass (class=0x8a788, tostate=11, einfo=0xefffee98) at
#4  0xef732e44 in initBaseClasses () at baseClasses.c:260
#5  0xef732b4c in initialiseKaffe () at baseClasses.c:190
#6  0xef74516c in JNI_CreateJavaVM (vm=0x230cc, env=0x22f84, args=0x22f30) at
#7  0x110f0 in main (argc=1, argv=0xeffff06c) at main.c:137

It is happening when initBaseClasses() is calling 
processClass(StringClass, CSTATE_COMPLETE, &einfo)

I am new to Kaffe. Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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