[kaffe] Bug in FileInputStream

Martin Lackner lackner at dms.at
Sun Jun 9 08:07:16 PDT 2002


I've a problem with kaffe (version 1.0.7-rc1) on an i686 system with Red
Hat 7.1. I reduced the failure to the following small example. 

import java.io.FileInputStream;
import java.io.File;

public class KaffeFile {

  public static void main(String[] argv) throws Exception {
    File                file = new File(".");
    FileInputStream     fis  = new FileInputStream(file);

    System.out.println("FAIL! Should throw an exception


This class does not throw a java.io.FileNotFoundException, although
"file" is a directory. In the documentation of the constructor of
FileInputStream(File file) it says, that an FileNotFoundException is
thrown  if the file does not exist, is a directory rather than a regular
file, or for some other reason cannot be opened for reading. 
What I've called:

[shell] /usr/local/kaffe/bin/kaffe KaffeFile
FAIL! Should throw an exception (java.io.FileNotFoundException)!
[shell] /usr/local/kaffe/bin/kaffe -version
Kaffe Virtual Machine
Copyright (c) 1996-2000
Transvirtual Technologies, Inc.  All rights reserved
Engine: Just-in-time v3   Version: 1.0.7-rc1   Java Version: 1.1

I did not found this bug in the known-bugs-section of the web page.


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