[kaffe] Memory Management Subsystem

rougeau at cs.unt.edu rougeau at cs.unt.edu
Fri Jun 7 10:07:33 PDT 2002

  Hi, I'm working with a research group at the University of North Texas and
I've been tinkering around with Kaffe's gc/allocator. The main goal is to
create a pluggable environment for the allocator and the gc so that we can
collect data on the behavior of various gc/allocator algorithm combinations
with ease. Currently, however I am having difficulties just implementing a
different allocator. Instead of allocating pages or multiple pages and then
segregating allocation type, color, etc within them, I'm allocating on a per
object basis and storing this information contiguous with the object itself.
I have also removed the 'grey' list in the gc, since it serves no real
purpose yet. So far, I am able to compile and run small programs, but get a
ton of errors when I try to run the GCTest regression test. I'm wondering if
Kaffe is inherently dependent somehow on how the allocator is currently
implemented, since I have only been looking at the memory management part.

- barry rougeau

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