[kaffe] PS2/Linux patch take 3

Dylan Schell dylans at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 16 03:44:02 PDT 2002

Grrr, in order to keep my patch clean I removed some of the
code that I thought was not needed. So here is version 3

tested this time :-)


- Is the #include <sigcontext.h> in config/mips/linux/md.h correct?
On all the systems where I tried this, (i386/2.2.1, i386/2.4.18)
<sigcontext.h> stops compilation and complains sigcontext should never
be included directly, and that I should include <signal.h> instead.

- I added maxArgs and isStatic to config/mips/mips.c to keep the
linker happy, is there some header file i should be including instead?
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