[kaffe] Whoops

Dylan Schell dylans at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 16 15:11:35 PDT 2002

Whoops, correction I forgot the sigset_t, (I was looking at bits/setjmp.h)

It's actually 352 bytes long.

 >> + #ifdef _R5900
 >> + #define THREADSTACKSIZE        (128 * 1024)
 >> + #endif
 >> That's a fairly gigantic stack size for each thread.  Is there a
 >> PS2-specific requirement for that?  Or did the interpreter just blow
 >> up too often with a lower stack size?  (BTW, how big is a JMP_BUF on
 >> the MIPS?)

 >To be very honest, I Assumed the 32 came from register size,
 >the ps2 general purpose registers are 128 bits wide. However pointer
 >are 32 bit. The sizeof(__jmp_buf) is 208 bytes.

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