[kaffe] PS2/Linux patch take 5

Dylan Schell dylans at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 16 16:43:38 PDT 2002

Since the THREADSTACKSIZE using the default value is
seems to be reasonably normal (output of StackSizer)
Overflowed at 1239
Overflowed at 59

I removed the changes in config/mips/threads.h
(I was under the impression that this had to do
with register size, but apparantly the impact is
smaller than I initially thought. (and since the PS2
is limited to "only" 32 MB, memory is certainly at
a premium.

I also added a small comment to config/mips.common.h
explaining some of the PS2's "weirdness"

Hope this will be the last change for today :-)

Dylan Schell
dylans at xs4all.nl
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