[kaffe] Re: OpenOffice?

Rene Engelhard rene at rene-engelhard.de
Sat Jun 29 12:48:41 PDT 2002

Hi Jim,

Jim Pick wrote:
> Here's a little project for somebody.
> The Debian people want to put OpenOffice in their distribution, but in
> order to build it, they need to use Java.  But their free software
> guidelines prevent them from using Sun's version in the building of the
> software because it's non-free (so OpenOffice can't be build with the
> core set of Debian packages).
> I don't have time to look at it, but it would be nice to know if Kaffe
> could be used instead...

you probably had put into this mail the contact address to the Debian
Openoffice-Team. This is debian-openoffice at lists.debian.org

I do a Cc: in this reply,


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