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Dalibor Topic robilad at
Wed Mar 13 09:42:51 PST 2002

On Wednesday 13 March 2002 13:34, Pascal Costanza wrote:
> Jim Pick wrote:
> > 4) Start active development on a new major release of kaffe.
> >
> >    I've got a lot of ideas for what should be done with it.  But I'll
> >    discuss those separately because I'd like to see some contributions
> >    and some debate.  :-)
> Where is this going to be discussed? Recently, I have had problems
> finding out how to subscribe to the Kaffe mailing list...
> Could you please help me?

the link on the web page regarding how to subscribe is broken. I 
hope that Jim will fix that on the new web page.

BTW, I think that you are on the kaffe list already. Here is an excerpt from 
the README file:
And mailing lists?

A couple of mailing lists are available for information and discussion of
the Kaffe project.  These lists are:

        kaffe at                          - General discussions
        kaffe-announce at                 - Announcements

These lists are archived at:

To subscribe to these lists send a message containing the word "subscribe"
to either:

        kaffe-request at
        kaffe-announce-request at

depending on what you are interested in.


I assume that there is/was a closed core team mailing list, but I hope that  
discussion on's future development will take place on the kaffe 
mailing list.

hope this helps,

Dalibor Topic

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