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Wed Mar 13 08:50:20 PST 2002

On Wednesday 13 March 2002 00:17, Jim Pick wrote:
> I have volunteered to take over the reigns of the kaffe project from
> it's original author, Tim Wilkinson.

great to see this project moving again.

> 1) Setup a new machine and website for, so everything can be
>    centralized on one site.
>    Transvirtual has donated a machine and rackspace for it, and I've
>    already set it up.  I have moved the DNS and the ftp site onto it.
>    The current website is looking pretty old and out-of-date, so I'm
>    going to replace it with something simpler.

Wish list:
* A better web based bug reporting system. One that actually gets bug reports 
reviewed by anyone gets bonus points :) Our current bug reporting system 
accepts bug reports, but noone seems to follow through :( It also seems to 
have a hard time to accept patches.

* A better mailing list archive interface, preferably with search facilities.

> 2) Make a new release as soon as possible.
>    Version 1.0.6 came out in July, 2000, and there hasn't been a
>    release since (although there has been CVS activity).  I'd like to
>    do a minimal amount of testing, and see if we can get it out,
>    perhaps as early as next week.

I will harvest kaffe-carrying linux distributions for vendor patches, (I've 
seen some), and forward them to you for inclusion after testing them.

Could you include the new version of kjc in the release, please? It fixes a 
bug in the compiler that has been discussed on the mailing list.

> 3) Clarify the relationship between Transvirtual and
>    I would like to see be a very open project, which
>    incorporates code from, and interoperates with all the other free
>    virtual machine projects out there.  I see as being an
>    independent project that isn't controlled by Transvirtual.

Could you write an FAQ entry summing up what different versions of Kaffe exist 
(, Desktop Edition, Open VM, pocketlinux-kaffe, Kaffe Pro, BeKaffe), 
and how they are licensed, related etc ? It would really help to clarify what 
we are talking about in those kaffe status discussions.

For example, I would like to know if it would be possible to take improvements 
made in pocketlinux version of kaffe and port them back to the 

have fun,

Dalibor Topic

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