VerifyError in PushbackReader

Ito Kazumitsu kaz at
Sun Mar 17 09:01:49 PST 2002

>>>>> ":" == Archie Cobbs <archie at> writes:

:> You might try rebuilding Klasses.jar with jikes or kjc (whichever
:> wasn't used before) as a possible workaround..

I experienced a similar problem and tried to rebuild Klasses.jar
but failed.  I heard in the KOPI users mailing list that KJC 1.5B,
which is currently used as Kaffe's kjc.jar,  had bugs seemingly
related to this problem.

Now KJC 2.1A has been released.  But when I tried to rebuild 
Klasses.jar with KJC 2.1A, I got the following message:

/bin/sh ./rebuildLib
Compiling classes ...
java/util/ error:Class "Entry" is not accessible [JLS 6.6.1]
java/util/ error:Class "Entry" is not accessible [JLS 6.6.1]
make: *** [lib/stamp] Error 1

As I see it, the viable choice is to downdrade KJC to KJC 1.5A.

Ito Kazumitsu

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