VerifyError in PushbackReader

Dalibor Topic robilad at
Mon Mar 18 08:35:27 PST 2002

hi Eric,

On Sunday 17 March 2002 00:53, Erik Corry wrote:
> libgcj header files).  I'm running into a bug which is also
> entered in the bug database (in incoming), but which I can't
> contribute to as I can't find how to log in as anyone other
> than guest.

I think that the bug database is broken. Just use the mailing list, and you 
will get more useful feedback.

> When I try to run javap on another system in order to take
> a look at the PushbackReader in the Klasses.jar file, I
> think it just disassembles the PushbackReader in its own
> java system - it's hard to tell, since it doesn't say
> where it is getting the info from.  Also, I'm not sure
> what the <init> means.

kaffe's javap implementation would need a hacker to finish the work. As long 
it is not finished, if you need to disassemble class files, you can use JDK's 
javap. But you will have to give it  Klasses.jar as the bootclasspath to 
disassemble the right classes. I think javap from JDK 1.3 also allows 
bootclasspath to be set.

/usr/lib/jdk1.4.0/bin/javap -c -bootclasspath 
~/DL/kaffe/libraries/javalib/Klasses.jar -private -l -verbose

With java 1.1.8 the option you need is called classpath, I think.

I don't see from the disassembly why it should fail. I guess the bug is in the 
verifier when it is compiled with gcc3. Everything (i.e. make check) works 
for me with  gcc 2.95.3 (suse 7.3 i386 jit3, latest cvs).

have fun,

Dalibor Topic

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