Erik Corry corry at daimi.au.dk
Mon Mar 18 07:59:00 PST 2002

On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 07:40:06AM -0800, Jim Pick wrote:
> They test kaffe using it here.
> http://www.shudo.net/jit/perf/
> There are some issues (can't load it as an applet, needs a larger heap).
> Maybe we can order a copy for kaffe.org and put it on the server?  I'm sure
> TVT will spot the $50 or $100 bucks.  Interested in that?

I don't think SPEC would let you (though I haven't checked).

What I'm interested in isn't the performance of Kaffe as such
(though that would be fun if I had the time), but I want to
use the Kaffe interpreter to generate traces showing allocations
and pointer writes in order to test/simulate some GC ideas I

So it's not going to benefit TVT really.

I may be able to get my University to pay.

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