Backporting JanosVM fixes to Kaffe

Jim Pick jim at
Mon Mar 18 12:47:10 PST 2002

On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 12:55:30PM -0700, Timothy Stack wrote:
> howdy,
> So, as you might've seen we just released a new version of the JanosVM,
> which is a modded version of Kaffe.  For the most part we haven't changed
> much in the original code base, but there have been a number of fixes and
> added features that would be nice to port back to Kaffe.  Unfortunately, I
> can never find the time to do it all and was wondering if anynoe else
> might want to take up the cause.  Heres a list of some of the fixes:
> package is up to date enough to run the bouncycastle
>   ( crypto library.
>   New JAR file reader.
>   Several fixes to satisfy Mauve tests, some of it overlaps with what
>   Mr. Topic has done, but I imagine there are some he hasn't gotten to
>   yet...
>   Optimized the socket receives in unix-jthreads.
>   Several misc. fixes (e.g. checking the return value of malloc).
>   Probably some other stuff I've forgotten.
> I can provide a diff between a recent Kaffe and JanosVM, so it will mostly
> be a matter of pulling out the good stuff and ignoring the rest.

Good stuff.  I'll definitely take a look.  A diff would be nice too.

I grabbed a copy and archived it under
(so I have a local handy, mostly).


 - Jim

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