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Thu Mar 21 03:52:08 PST 2002

On Thursday 21 March 2002 07:28, Mason Loring Bliss wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 04:42:13AM +0100, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> > Try to rebuild Klasses.jar using jikes 1.13
> I've built Jikes 1.13 and set JIKES = jikes in rebuildLib and Makefile,
> and this is what I see:

> Issued 1 semantic warning compiling "java/awt/":
>    504. native static synchronized void imgProduceImage(
> ImageNativeProducer prod, Ptr imgData); <-----------------> *** Warning:
> The type "ImageNativeProducer" is defined in the file "" but
> referenced in the file "java/awt/". It is recommended that it
> be redefined in "".

That's just jikes complaining about a hack in AWT library code. The code 
should work nevertheless.

I haven't tried the latest jikes from CVS yet, I'll do it today.

Compilers that work for me:
* jikes 1.14
* kjc 1.5b (has other serious bugs, though).
* javac 1.3.1

Compilers that don't work for me:
* javac 1.4.0 : make check fails almost all tests since the warning about 
changed class file format version is not expected by the tests :) May work, 
but will generate lot of "assert is a keyword now" warnings during 
* kjc 2.1A : miscompiles CatchDeath (and a few other tests), so that it fails 
to verify on JDK. since kaffe's verifier doesn't recognize the error, kaffe 
proceeds and does weird things.
* gcj 3.0.4 : fails to compile Klasses.jar due to a bug in gcj.
* javac 1.1.8 : fails to compile Klasses.jar due to bugs in javac.

I use gcc 2.95.3. My experience with gcc 3.0.4 was mixed : kaffe compiles, but 
I get more failed tests. I didn't have time to investigate.

Failing tests:
Some tests have really tight watchdog timer settings. They will fail if you 
are using a six year old computer, running KDE 3 alongside, and running kaffe in 
interpreter mode, like I do right now :). I've attached a patch that extends the 
timer on watchdogs that used to fail for me.

Finally, each failing test has a testclass.out and file with 
the expected output and the output of the failed attempt. Inspecting those 
files might provide more insight at what exactly is failing.

hope this helps

dalibor topic
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	* test/regression/,
	test/regression/ increased watchdog time
	limits. Old, slow processors under load had a hard time passing
	these tests.
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