Most popular applications?

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Thu Mar 21 14:49:34 PST 2002

hi Jim,

On Thursday, 21. March 2002 17:41, Jim Pick wrote:
> 1) Tomcat: - for running servlets
> 2) Jython: - see the note saying it doesn't work
> with Kaffe at
> 3) ....  I'm not going to list too many myself - I want to see what other
> people are running, or want to run

wanting to run (haven't tried yet):

* ant. it is crucial to build many java packages from apache.
* hypersonicsql. pure java database.
* jtidy. html cleanup program.
* junit. popular unit testing framework.
* soot. bytecode optimizer.

long term:

* banking applets.
* mindterm. ssh application/applet.

coolness factor:

* net beans IDE. needs swing, though.
* dynamic java. java source interpreter.
* jikes research virtual machine.
* weirdx. x server.

well, you asked :) I expect the stuff in the first section to run on kaffe, 
since it doesn't need swing or awt. In the long term better browser 
integration would be nice, thus applets. The rest is just pure showing off.

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