Planning for next release (1.0.7)

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Thu Mar 21 17:01:28 PST 2002

Hello all

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>Subject: Planning for next release (1.0.7)
>Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 07:04:32 -0800
>Here's how I'm thinking of doing it:
>  1) Solicit feedback on what should be in the release
>  2) If there isn't anything major that needs to be done, we'll tag a 
>candidate for testing in CVS, next week
>  3) The people on the mailing list will test it for a week (from out of 

    What would the testing involve?  I'd be happy to help if I can.

>Finally, when we decide to do this release, I think we should dedicate it 
>the memory of Edouard Parmelan.  For those that don't know, he was one of
>the most active Kaffe developers, a member of the core team, and one of the
>driving forces behind the project.  He died tragically in a motorcycle
>accident last year, leaving behind a wife and kids.

    This sounds like a fine idea.  I'm all for it.

    I think the releasing & versioning proposals are good.  More 
importantly, I'd like to see the versioning method documented on the website 
and descriptions of the releases placed in CVS.


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