Planning for next release (1.0.7)

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Hi Friends,

I am bit new to open source development. Can somebody take time to highlight
how things work in Open Source World and I would be grateful if some details
on the process used to compile and test the VM before release.

some questions that come up in mind is
- Using jikes for getting Kaffee.jar... Why??
- How do we test the VM for conformance??

I guess let me hold to my questions and see if they get resolved as we move


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> Hi,
> Sorry I've been a bit quiet the last few days - things are a bit hectic at
> Transvirtual as I try to get stuff prepared for JavaOne next week (plus
> going skiing in Tahoe this weekend).
> I'd really like to get a new release of kaffe out sometime soon, since
> been too long since the last release (July 24, 2000).
> I'm not as familiar with the codebase yet as I'd like to be - so I'm
> for opinions on what absolutely should be in the next release.  I think
> emphasis on this release should be just getting something out that works.
> It doesn't have to work on everything, but if it doesn't work on a
> particular platform - it would be nice to identify that in the release
> notes.
> Here's how I'm thinking of doing it:
>  1) Solicit feedback on what should be in the release
>  2) If there isn't anything major that needs to be done, we'll tag a
> candidate for testing in CVS, next week
>  3) The people on the mailing list will test it for a week (from out of
>  4) Two weeks from now, we'll release it as 1.0.7
> Does this sound OK?
> I'm a big believer in release early, release often.
> For future releases, I'd like to propose a version numbering scheme
> to what's used for the Linux kernel.  eg. Even minor version numbers =
> stable, Odd minor version numbers = unstable.  So, future releases in the
> 1.0.x series would be considered stable, ready for production.  We'd open
> development on a new 1.1.x series, which ultimately would become 1.2.x
> it's deemed ready for a stable release.  With this arrangement, as
> developers, we'll have the freedom to do some radical stuff to the 1.1.x
> tree, as people downloading it will understand that it's a development
> series of releases.  When we're in full swing development mode, I'd like
> see releases made every few weeks or so.
> What do people think of that idea for versioning and making releases?
> Finally, when we decide to do this release, I think we should dedicate it
> the memory of Edouard Parmelan.  For those that don't know, he was one of
> the most active Kaffe developers, a member of the core team, and one of
> driving forces behind the project.  He died tragically in a motorcycle
> accident last year, leaving behind a wife and kids.
> I'm going to be very busy this coming week with JavaOne next week, but
> try to stay as involved as possible in trying to make this release happen.
> Cheers,
>  - Jim

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