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Jukka Santala jsantala at
Mon Mar 25 01:14:05 PST 2002

On Sat, 23 Mar 2002, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> On Friday 22 March 2002 11:16, Jukka Santala wrote:
> > look into improving the PocketLinux Kaffe implementation. Speaking purely
> > personally, I wouldn't mind seeing framebuffer GUI added to the desktop
> > edition, or the GPL released versions merged, and that's something we're
> > looking at.
> speaking purely personally:
> Merging things from pocketlinux' kaffe to sounds interesting to me. 
> I've seen that pocketlinux features a lot of new stuff (new mem mgmt, gcs, 
> jit, platforms, frambuffer, microwindows, gtk peers, ...) and would like to 
> see some of that finding its way into the desktop edition.

Jim could probably elaborate on this, but at least the
PocketLinux/standard builds of the KaffeVM Custom Edition were still using
the same base garbage-collector & jit modules as the desktop edition.
Indeed there was jit4 and mem2 & mem3 (Boehm Incremental Garbage Collector
6.0 bridge) on the PL branch, but I'm not sure if those were ready for
prime-time, since they don't appear to have been used.

I'm not entirely sure of microwindows etc. either; but provided these
modules are functional (or at least semi-so) in the code made available
before clsoing the development tree, I guess it shouldn't be too much of a
trouble to transfer them over. It's the core and classlib changes
(sometimes supporting said modules) that would be troublesome, I think...

 -Jukka Santala

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