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Mon Mar 25 14:40:15 PST 2002

On Monday 25 March 2002 12:45, Jukka Santala wrote: 
> From: Edouard G. Parmelan (egp at 
> Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 08:35:47 EDT 
> TODO before next release (not exclusive)

> - Rewrite stack inspection for Alpha without OSF/1 libexc. This task 
> will enable JIT Alpha for GNU/Linux (and NetBSD).

I'll cite from the ChangeLog.

2001-06-18 Edouard G. Parmelan <egp at>

* config/alpha/netbsd1/jit-md.h, config/alpha/netbsd1/md.c, 
config/alpha/linux/jit-md.h, config/alpha/linux/md.c: Use new stack 
inspection function. Enable JIT compilation.

> - Solve random SEGV on NetBSD/PowerPC.

I don't know. Could someone verify if it has been solved?

> - Write JIT for PowerPC (NetBSD and GNU/Linux).

I don't see any config/powerpc/jit.* files. I assume it remains to be done. I 
don't think that should delay 1.0.7.

> - Include new release of KJC kjc-1.5A.

2001-08-28 Edouard G. Parmelan <egp at>

* libraries/javalib/kjc.jar: updated with kjc-suite-1.5B-bin.jar.

> - Port to Darwin (Mac OS X).

2001-08-14 Edouard G. Parmelan <egp at>

* config/powerpc/darwin/config.frag, config/powerpc/darwin/md.h, 
config/powerpc/darwin/md.c: Initial support of Darwin.

> - Merge libraries with tvt-kaffe.

I assume that is the kaffe open vm custom edition from pocketlinux. Some 
patches have apprently been merged. Volunteers welcome :)

> - Study backlog of patches.

I'm currently after this. Right now I'm going over what Tim Stack has put up 
on the web from the latest JanosVM release (the java class libraries part).

> - Solve random (and hard to reproduce) SEGV on FreeBSD/Intel.

I haven't found anything in the ChangeLog about it. Could anyone provide more 

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