Most popular applications?

Jim Pick jim at
Tue Mar 26 14:28:25 PST 2002

> Jim could probably elaborate on this, but at least the
> PocketLinux/standard builds of the KaffeVM Custom Edition were still using
> the same base garbage-collector & jit modules as the desktop edition.
> Indeed there was jit4 and mem2 & mem3 (Boehm Incremental Garbage Collector
> 6.0 bridge) on the PL branch, but I'm not sure if those were ready for
> prime-time, since they don't appear to have been used.

Inhouse, we didn't really use mem2/mem3, or jit4.  Mike Chen (from
Stanford) was doing jit4 for his PhD, but it was never completely
integrated into the tree, so I never saw it working.  I need to get in
touch with him sometime to see what's up with it (Transvirtual was
paying him so we could use the code, but I believe that arrangement came
to an end after Tim left, and before I started working on it).

The mem2 garbage collector never really worked, from what I understand. 
The mem3 garbage is basically Hans Boehm's open source garbage
collector, hacked up to work with Kaffe.  I think Tim told me that it
worked, but I've never really tried it out.  I also think he said it
wasn't really an improvement over the standard garbage collector (which
is what we're mostly used to).

 - Jim

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