JRE file layout for 1.0.7?

Archie Cobbs archie at dellroad.org
Sat Mar 30 12:01:15 PST 2002

Jim Pick writes:
> > I guess my only objection is that it would be nice if people shouldn't
> > have to add /usr/local/kaffe/bin (or whatever) to their PATH in
> > order to run kaffe after installing it...
> My biggest objection with the current situation is that if somebody already
> has a version of Java they use installed in one of their system directories,
> and then they install kaffe, they might overwrite an existing installation,
> or programs on their system might accidentally use kaffe instead of another
> existing JVM installed under /usr/bin, for example.  Imagine a system
> administrator trying to install kaffe to run a particular application on a
> production server that already is running servlets with a system-supplied
> JVM - if the system administrator wasn't careful, and didn't change the
> defaults, then he or she is pretty much guaranteed to mess things up on
> their system.  Granted, a system administrator should know better, but I'm a
> big believer in the principle of least surprise.  :-)

If the goal is to support multiple JRE's at the same time (which
is what everybody seems to want to do) then I guess there's no
other option.. OK, I'm convinced :-)


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