Kaffe CVS: kaffe jim

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Mar 31 09:08:40 PST 2002

Yay!  It finally worked.

So CVS commits will now be reported to the list (for the kaffe module).

I used the martin-log.pl scripts from Gnome to make the messages, so it
should only do one message per commit (vs. one message per directory, which
would tend to flood the list with mail).


 - Jim

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> CVSROOT: /cvs/kaffe
> Module name: kaffe
> Changes by: jim 02/03/31 08:42:54
> Modified files:
> .              : ChangeLog
> Log message:
> Minor formatting changes to Changelog, really, I'm just testing my cvs
loginfo script to see if it sends messages to the list.

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