[kaffe] ClassLoader & defineClass

Nicolas Le Sommer Nicolas.Le-Sommer at univ-ubs.fr
Tue May 7 02:15:01 PDT 2002


I would like to build a classLoader that permits to load classes without
delegating the class loading to the SystemClassLoader.

Seen from this point of view, I read the classes from the file system
(readClassFile method) and then I called the defineClass method as
following :

     byte [] data = readClassFile(name);
     if(data != null)
 	return defineClass(name,data, 0, data.length);

I have the following message when I try to read the classes of the Java
API, but I have no problems to load and define my own classes.

Kaffe: classMethod.c:287: processClass: Assertion `(class ==
ObjectClass) || (class->superclass != ((void *)0))' failed.

Best regards,


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