[kaffe] libraries/clib/native/Field.c

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Tue May 7 11:02:33 PDT 2002

> jint
> Java_java_lang_reflect_Field_getInt0(struct Hjava_lang_reflect_Field *
> this, struct Hjava_lang_Object* obj) 
> {
>         return (*(jint*)getFieldAddress(this, obj));
> }
> I don't immediately see why this should happen, but it does seem to
> happen. Swapping the parameters aroudn as above seems to solve the
> problem, but it's perhaps a good diea to figure out what's going on. It
> seems the swapping-around only works for static fields; could it be the VM
> is trying to pass the JNI environment or similiar first in the stack
> bumping the rest of the addresses?

Methods that start with Java_ are called using the JNI calling convention.
See jni.c::Kaffe_JNI_native 

	- Godmar

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