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Fri May 10 11:45:27 PDT 2002

Hi Godmar,

--- Godmar Back <gback at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> > Overall it doesn't appear JNI convention is used
> in many classes; are
> > there some specific constraints on choosing one
> over the other?
> > 

> I think back then we had agreed to use JNI for new
> functions, but
> to not bother converting existing functions to JNI. 
> This applies to
> functions in the native libraries that are very
> VM-specific, such
> as the reflection stuff - less VM-specific (and all
> user-written)
> native methods should use JNI.

Thanks for clearing that up. Maybe we should have a
small FAQ.jni ?

> Also, I'm not sure you want to match Sun's printout
> - it's not like
> this remains constant over JDK versions.

It makes life easier when you compare output of JDK
and kaffe. But as it's not in the spec most of the
time, it's more of a developer preference: if you
match Sun's output, it's fine, if you don't, it's fine
with me, too.

best regards,

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