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Wed May 22 12:36:52 PDT 2002

Hi Naveen,

--- Naveen Srinivasan <navnsrinivasan at yahoo.com>
> Hi,
>   I would like to know if anyone is aware of kaffe
> compatible swing package. If I use the swing package
> provided by Sun Java it throw error it cannot find
> ./java/awt/geom
> ./java/awt/print
> It would be great if you give pointer to swing
> package
> or get ride of this error.

You are looking for classes from java 2d API.
Unfortunately, the java 2d API is not a part of the
swing 1.1.1 fcs package relased by sun. As far as I
know there are no separately available
implementations, from sun or from other vendors.

sun's implementation should be part of their rt.jar
file since jkd 1.2 or jdk 1.3, I'm not sure when java
2d was added to the API. Unfortunately, I don't think
that kaffe will run with it. The last time I tried I
had to fiddle with the CLASSPATH quite a bit, and
still couldn't run the Java 2d demo.

If you succeed to get it running, please post how you
did it, since that seems to be a frequently asked

best regards,

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