[kaffe] javac dosen't work for me

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Fri May 24 11:26:22 PDT 2002

> On Thu, 23 May 2002, Godmar Back wrote:
> > For me, the current CVS is also broken, I assume it might be the
> > Character* problem Dalibor was working on?
> And yes, if you have non-existent elements (jar-files) in CLASSPATH, Kaffe
> will silently fail. I thought this was fixed recently. Try if you can run
> java or kaffe HelloWorld, then with "unset CLASSPATH".

Jukka, I wasn't doubting that your error report was correct.
I was objecting to your insinuation that Kaffe was always this broken
when in 1.0.6 it wasn't.  In fact, we had been inundated with complaints 
from people who used the wrong classes.zip (way back when Kaffe relied
on Sun's classes.zip, and it took a while to wean people off it.),
and so I had added a trip breaker because of it.

The latest brokenness I observed had nothing to do with classpath
entries or a CLASSPATH variable.  It was with a fresh CVS checkout
and my CLASSPATH wasn't set.  Nothing ran.  I just updated this
morning after Dalibor's latest check-in, and now both Cast and 
HelloWorld work again.

Let me try your scenario with the latest CVS checkout:

# not existing jar file
> setenv CLASSPATH .:/x.jar
> kaffe HelloWorldApp
Hello World!

this seems to work also.  However, placing IBM's rt.jar first does not work:
> setenv CLASSPATH /usr/opt/IBMJava2-13/jre/lib/rt.jar:.
> kaffe HelloWorldApp
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I checked in a fix for it.
I'm now seeing:

> kaffe HelloWorldApp

Could not initialize Kaffe.
It's likely that your CLASSPATH settings are wrong.  Please make sure
your CLASSPATH does not include any java.lang.* classes from other JVM
vendors, such as Sun's or IBM's rt.jar (or classes.zip), BEFORE Kaffe's rt.jar.
It should be okay to have Sun's rt.jar AFTER Kaffe's rt.jar

The current effective classpath is `/usr/opt/IBMJava2-13/jre/lib/rt.jar:.:/home/gback/kaffe/install/jre/lib/rt.jar:/home/gback/kaffe/install/jre/lib/comm.jar:/home/gback/kaffe/install/jre/lib/pjava.jar:/home/gback/kaffe/install/jre/lib/servlet.jar:/home/gback/kaffe/install/lib/tools.jar:/home/gback/kaffe/install/jre/lib/microsoft.jar:/home/gback/kaffe/install/lib/kjc.jar:/home/gback/kaffe/install/jre/lib/rmi.jar'

Let me know if this fix breaks anything.
(I would have tested it some more, but "make test" now says:
make: *** No rule to make target `test'.  Stop.
Maybe I misremembered something.)

	- Godmar

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