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Wed May 29 10:16:46 PDT 2002

Hi Jukka,

--- Jukka Santala <jsantala at tml.hut.fi> wrote:

The pocketlinux kaffe MediaTracker gets notified on
error, like in your patch. That might be a reason why
you were not seeing the problems with pockelinux. You
might want to take a look at porting it over to kaffe,
as it also defers calls to wait until it has checked
all tracked elements. That might be a performance
improvement, I'm not sure.

> We probably SHOULD also check ABORT in the same
> manner, but since I
> couldn't immediately come up with a test-case to
> compare this against
> other JRE's, I didn't add that in yet.

I think the check in waitForID should be 
(LOADED | ImageObserver.ERROR)
since the method description for waitForAll/ID in the
Java Class Libraries AWT book says "An image is
defined to be loaded if either it successfully loaded
or it encountered an error.".

You can also leave out the ImageObserver part of
ImageObserver.ERROR in imageUpdate. MediaTrackerEntry
implements ImageObserver, so there should be no need
for it.

Overall, the MediaTracker class looks like a good
candidate for a big cleanup. There seems to be some
duplicated code in there, and it might profit from
using actual Lists to implement the media tracker
entry handling.

what do you think?

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