[kaffe] More Debugging woes

Jason Baker baker29 at cs.purdue.edu
Thu Nov 7 08:50:43 PST 2002

Svante Arvedahl <exsvaar at softlab.se> writes:

> Hi Fabio,
> What platform are you using? Are you using the jit? What I usually do (I
> use the jit) is to debug with gdb and put a break point on soft_athrow
> in soft.c. When the breakpoint is hit 'where' gives me the address in
> the jitted code where the exception was thrown. Thru disassembling the
> code and comparing with the java source code I can usually figure out
> where I'm at.

Is the jitwhere command in kaffe's developers/gdbinit script broken?
If not, you can use jitwhere to find a method from a pc.


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