FW: [kaffe] segmentation fault in LIBRARYLOAD

Sanjeev Manral sanjeevm at sanyo.co.in
Mon Nov 11 22:44:59 PST 2002

I've configure it --prefix=/usr/local/crossppc

I've complied with-


CC=ppc_405-gcc AS=ppc_405-as LS=ppc_405-ld AR=ppc_405-ar CPP=ppc_405-g++
STRIP=ppc_405-strip RANLIB=ppc_405-ranlib CFLAGS=-msoft-float ./configure
--without-x --without-awt --prefix=/usr/local/crossppc/kaffe
--host=powerpc-linux --target=powerpc-linux
--with-thread=unix-pthreads --with-engine=intrp --enable-debug

after compilation I do a make install in host machine and then coping all
the files to my target machine
so kaffe is in 

I've done make distclean and recompiled but getting the segmentation fault
at the same place

thanks in advance

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looking at the release notes, I'd assume that it all
works, there are two entries of people who got it to
run successfully on powerpc-linux.

Looking at the error message, I belive that your
configuration path prefix is messed up. Kaffe doesn't
install itself in /kaffe by default.

could you try
rm -rf /kaffe
make distclean
./configure --with-engine=intrp --prefix=/usr/local
make install

and see if that works better?

best regards,

dalibor topic

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