[kaffe] JIT3 question.

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Fri Nov 15 04:29:09 PST 2002

As someone may know, I am now trying to make super-h's jit3 work.
While doing this, I go back to check how it was organized in m68k.
Of course, the jit3 port of m68k does not work for kjc (this is the
reason why m68k port still uses 'jit' rather than 'jit3'), but it
can execute so many regression tests.

After gathering several info from regression test results for both jit
and jit3, I was surprised that 'jit' is faster than 'jit3' in m68k!
Are there anyone who can remind me the reason why JIT3 is introduced?


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