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Mon Nov 18 05:05:53 PST 2002

Hi Steve,

--- Steve Tsai <startec at ms11.hinet.net> wrote:
> I want to port kaffe to uClinux and my system can
> not use loading 
> module. Can I configure the makefile to exclude
> libltdl? I saw another 

If your system can  not dynamically load libraries,
then libtool should take care of simulating it.
Otherwise you could compile with --with-staticvm
--with-staticlibs etc. See FAQ/FAQ.libtool for more

> kaffe souce in  XOE_1.0. What's it? Can I use it?
> The source code in 
> XOE_1.0 does not use libltdl.

XOE is the GPLD source to a product from Transvirtual,
a now dead company. So yes, you can use it. XOE
includes a modified version of kaffe that we'd like to
merge with our tree, if there are volunteers to do it.
In your case, you might want to take a look at
and work from there.

If you could take these files and get kaffe to run on
uclinux, that would be very cool.

best regards,

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