[kaffe] Re: what does --host mean

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Mon Nov 18 23:10:48 PST 2002

>I've a doubt -
>what does the --host means?
>./configure --host=linux-powerpc --target=linux-powerpc
>My PC is an intel(Pentium-II) PC with linux running on it. I've installed
>cross compiler.
>And I'm compiling for linux ppc405. My build is kaffe-1.0.7

In case of 'cross-compiling language processor (kaffe is one of them)',
the 'host' means 'for what architecture this language processor executable
wants to generate its code'. So, if you want to make 'powerpc runnable'
kaffe, the host should be powerpc-linux.

If you really want to specify 'this software is generated on i386-linux',
you can supply '-build' option (which is not used on kaffe build tree).

So, in your case gc-incremental.c may have problem as it reports.


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