[kaffe] Kaffe Documentation

Gerlando Falauto iurly at writeme.com
Tue Nov 26 01:27:37 PST 2002

Hi everyone,

I am very new to the world of kaffe, and I would like to understand it a
little better.

In particular, my goal would be to port Kaffe (or a part of it, for some
research purposes) to yet another platform, which is a VLIW architecture
developed by HP & ST.  Unfortunately though, only an ANSI C compiler is
available for such platform (i.e., no GCC), so I guess quite a lot of
manual work is required.  And knowing very little about the structure of
the source code makes things even worse.

For instance, I would love to try and compile only the core parts of the
VM, no matter how much this would constrain its capabilities.  Any
suggestions on how to do that?

I scanned the previous posts and noticed that a short-term goal was to
produce some introductory documentation for the source tree. Has any
progress been made on that?

Any comment (even "forget it, you'll never make it" if that is the case) 
is appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

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