[kaffe] Cleaner, Better MIPS/Linux Patch against 1.0.7, and issues with CVS tree

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Wed Oct 2 23:46:30 PDT 2002

Kevin wrote:
> Bingo, Pat!  I added that one character to exceptions.c
> and voila - my patches against the CVS tree give me a healthy
> MIPS/Linux interpreter!

Ah, excellent!  Good to hear that works on an interesting platform.

> > I haven't checked that change in yet, because I still don't understand
> > why things ever worked...
> That's very often the case in this business. ;-)


> developers/FullTest.sh `pwd`
> I get::
> touch: creating `/home/pat/kaffe-core/obj/Trace-kaffe-jit3-debug.txt': No such file or directory

Ah, you have to edit the BASE_OBJ_DIR and BASE_INSTALL_DIR variables
in the file first.  It should probably default those to empty and
print a pretty warning message explaining what to do....


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